Private Fees

Penygraig Surgery charges for the following services which all fall outside of normal NHS work:

Sick & Fit Notes

  • Private sick note – £30
  • Holiday cancellation insurance claim – £15-30 (depending on complexity of form)
  • Fitness certificates* – £30

*This includes:

  • Fitness to travel
  • Fitness to exercise
  • Fitness to attend (e.g. school / examinations / gym / health club)

 Examinations and Reports

  • Taxi Medical: from £45
  • HGV & LGV Medicals: from £75
  • Fostering, Adoption & Employment: £118.50
  • Medical Reports: £118.50

 Travel Vaccinations

  • No charge

Passport Signing

We regret that Doctors do not sign passport application forms.

Requests for Information

Simple computer printout – no charge

Complex requests (e.g. that require access to manual records and/or photocopying) will attract no charge.

All requests for information should be made in writing.