Council Housing

From 1st October 2012 Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council are introducing a new way of allocating homes. Applicants will no longer be assessed on a points based scheme, but will be allocated to one of five ‘bands’ depending on housing need and date of application.

The council will no longer require the completion of a medical questionnaire. Instead, the council will require a letter confirming your current medical/disability need. This letter must describe how your current accommodation is exacerbating your health condition (or that of a member of your household).

Therefore, the doctors at the surgery will no longer complete housing forms if asked to do so. Instead, the doctors will (at their discretion) write a letter containing the necessary medical information, provided such information can be substantiated from the medical record. Since this work falls outside of NHS commitments and requires extra time to complete, there will be a charge of £30 for such a letter.

The five bands are as follows:

  • Band A – an urgent need to be moved and will be housed within 3 months of application
  • Band B – high priority to move
  • Band C – medium priority to move
  • Band D – low priority to move
  • Band E – as above

The table below gives the medical conditions required to be placed into a certain band.

Band Medical Condition
A Terminally Ill
Accommodation affects health to point it may become life threatening
Disabled  person completely restricted within the accommodation
Hospital discharge where current accommodation no longer suitable
Overcrowding leaves the applicant at risk of infection
B Accommodation has serious or detrimental impact on health
Disabled person restricted from day-to-day activities by their accommodation (e.g. steps, stairs, situated on hill)
At risk of being admitted to residential care or hospital
Applicant is giving or receiving essential support in a specific locality
Accommodation is in a condition that is contributing to serious ill-health
C Accommodation exacerbates persons’ health
D No medical reasons
E No medial reasons

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